Day 3 Edmundston to Fredricton NB

We got on the road fairly early, it was raining and foggy again. We didn't have as far to drive today, so we took some side trips into the mountains, and the weather improved as the day went on. We drove over several rather large bridges, including the worlds longest covered bridge in Hartland. Did I mention that I hate bridges?

We settled into the Ramada hotel, which is very nice, and we all had a little swim. There will be NO pictures of that!! We went downtown for a nice dinner and toured around a bit. We didn't go shopping, cause Jackie and I are going to bring Jess here to shop next week. There were some beautiful old homes that I wanted to get pics of, but we ran out of time. Jackie and I will explore this area a little more next week when Jess is with us. The people were very, very friendly, such a change from the Quebec people.

Tomorrow, we are driving to Charlottetown, and we are crossing that 'huge' bridge to get there!! We are spending two nights in Charlottetown, so we can 'relax' for a bit.