Day 10 to the End St. Andrews NB to Peterborough ON

Day 10
We drove from Hopewell Cape NB to Jess in St. Andrews NB. We have been taking the scenic route all along, so it takes us longer to get to our final spot. Everyone has been very patient, stopping the SUV every time I see a possible rug hooking store, our a good viewing area....or, more often than not, visit the bathroom. They are also tolerant of my Tim Horton's fixation, pulling into one for a medium with cream every so often. My cardiologist recommended coffee to help me stay awake in the day, and I have been pushing myself very hard every day of our trip, so the coffee really helps. I think that when we get back to Peterborough, I will probably crash for the next few weeks!

I am so excited to see Jess, that I hardly slept last night. We were busy texting each other as we got closer to St. Andrews. By the time we pulled up to her residence, she was waiting outside for us. Of course, I hopped right out and gave her a huge hug, and started to cry, which made her cry!!! Then Jeff got in for a three way hug; man oh man it felt good to finally see my girl in the flesh:) We went to the hotel, and then Jess showed us around town, and we went out for dinner. After dinner we brought Bert and Jackie back to the hotel, and Jeff, Jess and I grabbed our rubber boots and went out to explore the Bay Of Fundy at low tide. We didn't get back until dark. We dropped Jess off at her residence, but she said that she was going to sleep over with us on Tuesday night.

Day 11
Today we are in St. Andrews NB with Jessica. We picked her up from her dorm early and went downtown to browse around the little shops. We also had booked a whale watching trip, which is sometimes a little iffy, cause the fog can keep the boats ashore. Our luck held out, and the sun shone for us. There is an 80 percent chance that you would see a whale, and we certainly fell into that group. First of all, we rode into a whirlpool eddy thingy, called 'The Sow' which was very rough, and spun the boat in circles. This only happens at the early part of the month, and the tides have to correspond. We were lucky enough to have both.

This is 'the sow'

When we saw our first whale, I screamed for Jessie to come and look. We saw a ton of whales, and porpoises as well as eagles, and seals!!! It was so amazing, I did get some pics, but of course, I was so busy looking at the whales that I forgot to take pictures!! I did manage to get a few though, and some wonderful pics of the lighthouse, and scenery.

We had a great dinner together, but I think that Jeff, his Mom and his Dad had a little to much of the alcohol before we went, and they all had the giggles. Jess decided that she wanted to sleep on the floor of our hotel room, so we brought her stuff over. It is so great to have her within hugging distance, I don't think that we will want to part with her Wednesday night. She is off tomorrow again, and we are going to drive to Fredricton to shop at the mall, and fill her fridge with a few groceries before we leave.

I phoned home to see how the dogs are, and Dee wasn't there, so I phoned Jeff's Uncle Bill to see whats up. Dee has been making out fine with the doggies, and I am quite certain that they are driving her crazy!! We will be back in Peterborough by Saturday night, so they haven't got too much longer. We have been petting every dog that we see, cause we miss our little ones:)

Tomorrow, will be travelling to Fredricton for the day to do a little shopping, and beachcombing with Jess after dinner. Jeff was tired, and decided to stay behind. I think that he wanted Jess and I to have some time alone.

The hotel has a barbecue, and we are all sick of eating out, so we will pick up some steaks and potatoes and salad for dinner. It is our last night together, until Jess comes home in September, so I want to make the most of it. I hate shopping and Jess knows what a sacrifice I am making for her:)

After dinner, Jess and I did a little beachcombing and then I took her back to say goodbye to everyone, then back to the residence. We were all teareyed and it was very hard to say goodbye.

Day 13
Going from St. Andrews NB to Shelburne, New Hampshire was kinda sad, cause we had to leave Jess behind. Now that I don't have her visit to look forward to, I just want to go home! I quickly gave myself a kick on the ass for that kind of thinking though. Who knows when I will be able to travel this route again, enjoy it while you can! We stayed at the Town And Country Inn, in New Hampshire. It was smack dab in the middle of the mountains, and it was cheap and beautiful!

Day 14
From Shelburne NH to Saranac Lake, New York was a lovely drive. The views were gorgeous, and the weather held for us. We had a nice dinner in town at a new Italian restaraunt and went to bed fairly early. Last night away from home:)

Day 15
From Saranac Lake NY via the ferry at Burlington to Home! By this time we were all anxious to get home. The ferry ride was uneventful. The weather was not too bad, a little rain, but not to foggy. We left in the rain two weeks ago, so it only seemed fitting to come home in the rain.

Of course, we stopped at the duty free to load up before crossing the border back into Canada, and had no problems....well, except for that huge bridge we had to cross:( It seemed that we were in Norwood dropping off Bert and Jackie in no time.

Home to a very tidy house, and two crazy dogs! It will take forever for me to get back to 'normal' but it was a wonderful trip. We were so lucky to be able to spend time with my in-laws, and have such wonderful memories!