Our trip: Day 1 to Montreal Day 2 to Edmundston NB

Well, we made it from Peterborough to Montreal and our hotel with no difficulties, thanks to the GPS! It started to rain as we were loading up the car, and it rained all the way to Montreal. We just got settled into our room, which was right downtown, when nephew Dan and his GF Sara called. They decided to come to our room and would take us to their apartment for a tour. They phoned back about 15 minutes later, asking what our room number was. I said that it was room 300, but Dan said that he couldn't find a room 300, so I took the phone to the hallway to look for him. Turns out, that he was in a different Holiday Inn!!!

They were such good sports about it, and walked over to our Holiday Inn, which was in Chinatown. We had a drink and a little visit, then we left for the not insubstantial walk to their apartment. Of course, when we left it wasn't raining to hard, but it really started to pour after the first 5 minutes. Dan was the only one with an umbrella, and was frantically trying to cover us all at the same time, which did not work. By the time we made it to their apartment, we were all soaked right through. I think that we used every towel that Sara had to get halfway dried off!!

After a drink there, we went to Dan and Sara's favorite italian restaraunt, where the owner greeted the kids very warmly. We had a wonderful dinner, and thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we finished eating. We said our goodbyes to Dan and Sara and made our way back to the hotel, and to bed. I swear, that we were all asleep in about 2 minutes!!

This morning, at about 6am, we were all awake and having coffee and packing up. We had a very long, long drive in the rain and the fog to Edmundston New Brunswick. Just glad to get here and relax. I was so glad to see the New Brunswick sign.

Tomorrow, we have a shorter drive to Fredericton New Brunswick, and it is supposed to rain all day....but the forcast is good for the rest of the week!