Old pictures Getting a second look!

Some old, (and not so old) pictures Getting a second look today. I came across some oldies today, and thought that I would share them with you.

These were taken at Hubby's family property north of Coe Hill Ontario. It is a beautiful spot, very isolated, and as you can see, time has stopped for this truck.

Chip and Buddy...Summer 2006 when Chip was still a puppy.

Buddy being a silly dog, at Skeleton Lake, about four years ago. This is one of my favourite pics of him. He still loves being a 'cottage' dog!

My Jessica 2006.

Jake and Jeff at Coe Hill 2006.

Jeff, and his cousins; Glenn and Greg. I love this pic cause the boy's were having such a good time sharing memories.

Nephew Dan, Branislav and son Jake at Sarah and Jamies wedding.

My Mom and my brother Tony dancing up a storm.

Kerri and Jess posing for the camera!

Jake and Kerri earlier this year.

Hubby Jeff and my Uncle Bob at my brother Terry and Nancy's home.

My brother Terry; who is rarely moving slow enough to get a picture.

My Dad (Frank) and his wife Sylvia, who live in BC. This was taken on their recent cruise.