Messy business

Ever had one of those days? Spent the morning at son Jake and Kerri's doing some edging and weed pulling with Kerri. Got home at about 2:15, and thought that now I will sit down, rest a bit and crochet the baby afghan. I swear that I wasn't in my chair 30 seconds (hadn't even done one stitch) enjoying the breeze coming in the window beside me, when a huge gust of wind blew in! The wind blew a beautiful money tree plant right off my side table, broke the pot, and sent dirt everywhere:(

What a mess! I had to get the vacuum out (I never vacuum on Monday's, only Friday's) and wash the floor. I got another pot and re potted what is left of the plant. I hope that it lives. By then, I am in a bit of a I started cleaning out the three thousand Tupperware containers out of the fridge, wash the containers, and wipe down the counter tops. I noticed that I hadn't cleaned out the coffeemaker and reached over to grab the thingy of coffee grinds since I was taking out the garbage anyway, might as well get it all...right??

Wrong!! The coffee grinds just flew out of my hands all over the clean tupperware, counters, floor, dishwasher and I think on the dog a bit!! I cannot tell you how many swear words flew out of my mouth; I hope that no one was walking by admiring the gardens at that point! I have now cleaned everything up again, filled the bathtub, and am going for a long soak. This day is officially OVER!

Well, actually it isn't. But I am going to start over after my bath. I just wanted to vent a bit. No, there will not be any pictures of this catasrophe....but I do have a pic of a mess I made a few months ago with 24 ounces of melted bittersweet chocolate. Oh yeah, that was a fun cleanup too! I am sensing a pattern here....