Madly packing and checking my lists!!

Well, we are leaving for our two week trip to Eastern Canada bright and early on Saturday morning, and I am getting frantic trying to tick things off my list, and get the house ready for Jeff's cousin Dee, and her BF John. Dee and John are staying at our house for the two weeks, so that means I have to leave a relatively clean house. As you know, my house always looks clean at first glance, but I have a terrible habit of throwing 'everything' into a closet, under a bed, or into a large basket. Dee Dee doesn't know that, and in order for her to be able to find even the most basic thing like a dish towel would be like exploring for a treasure in a mine of caves....

So, I have been tidying out closets, and cupboards, and making my lists. One good result of this, is that my cupboards will be tidy when we come home. I think that I have most of the shopping done, as few things to get Friday at the last minute, and I still have to pack our clothes. Somewhere in this house I have a pair of rubber boots, but I'm damned if I can find them. I really need them too, cause Jess and I have some serious beachcombing to do, when we meet up in St. Andrew's, and I'm not going to miss out on that!!! We have a long, very short, sort of a cubby closet/storage area that runs under the stairs, and its about ten or twelve feet deep. Chock full of crap too. I am pretty sure that if I can get to the back of it, I'll find my boots. Wish me luck, I am going to head there now.

OK, I am back, and will be going shopping for rubber boots tomorrow morning:( I have looked everywhere, with a flashlight even. As a last resort I went out to Hubby's shop with the flashlight and looked around there....nuthin!!

Jeff took one look at my pile of clothes that I had in a laundry basket, waiting to put into the suitcase, and reminded me that the suitcase was for both of our clothes, and I had better whittle the pile down somewhat. F%4&*@#$#*!!! I think that I will leave it until I am finished at the hairdressers tomorrow.

My son Jake was kind enough to lend me his laptop, so I can upload pics and keep on top of you all while we are gone. Also, we have so damn many things that need uploading/downloading/charging/ect. that we need the laptop just to keep the GPS, 2 Ipods, the camera, the zip drives, cell phone, and finally the cooler that plugs in!! Cant say that our family hasn't embraced technology.

I'll pop in to blog a bit tomorrow night on the laptop, just so I can test it out:)
Pics tonight are of gardens and dogs, so I don't get homesick while away.

Here are some torture pics for daughter Jess, she loves Hamblins Ice Cream in Lakefield, and obviously, so do Jeff and I!!

Fridays list of things to do before we leave:
Finish packing
Weed out some of the clothes I have packed
Buy a birthday cake for Sara
Mail some cards for birthdays coming up
Wash the car, inside and out
Pull weeds in the gardens
Get my hair dyed and trimmed
Finish my lists
Charge all the electronic stuff
Buy rubber boots
(trying to talk myself out of the forty dollar Croc boots)
Gas up the suv
and finally:
God only knows what I have forgotten.......