Husband's and Friday's

Today is a great day, cause I don't have to worry about what to make for dinner! My in-laws are taking us out for Chinese food to celebrate (slightly belated) our anniversary. I am also happy because last night my Hubby (we can call him Jeff, cause that's his name) cut the grass, sharpened my gardening edger....and cooked dinner!! Yes I took pictures; sheesh, wouldn't you have? It was like winning the sweepstakes I tell ya:)

Home from work!

He cuts grass!

He flexes!

He cooks! Why do men fry stuff without their shirts on? It can only end badly:(

I must say, that Jeff is a great cook, especially with leftovers. I like to cook, but not every night, and I get so tired of thinking up ideas for dinner. My idea of a great dinner, is oatmeal, and toast, with a huge bowl of brown sugar. Although I love to bake, and love to cook bigger meals for company, its not quite the same when cooking for just the two of us. Mind you, Jeff is always appreciative of whatever I serve, even if he has to choke it down. Course, that why he has to work out at the YMCA four days a week now...the belly is putting him further and further away from the table and he's afraid that if it keeps growing he won't be able to reach his plate. BTW, that was slightly exaggerated for the post, just slightly!

I am spending the morning on the computer, making a list of hotels and phone numbers for the family, so that they can find us while we are away. I have become so used to 'instant' contact via the Internet, facebook, emails, IM, land line phones, and the cell phone, that I get panicky if I don't have access to everything! We will need an extra suitcase on our trip just for the chargers and adapters for all of the techno gadgets that I 'have' to have near me. My son Jake was good enough to lend me his laptop so that I can charge the GPS, and upload pics to webshots at night in the hotel. Must remember to put my bookmarks onto my page at Yahoo. I can also check my emails while doing my charging. Heck, we even bought a soft sided cooler that plugs into our lighter outlet in the car, and we bought an adapter that allows us to plug it into a regular outlet at night! Much easier, and safer than trying to keep things cold with that old fashioned ice:)

Well, back to my lists.....this will take a while, as I have my desk covered in paper. I just remembered that I have to go and pick up my Triptik (detailed maps) from CAA today as well. Besides using the GPS, we will have our maps from CAA and regular maps that you unfold. If Jeff gets us lost, it wont be because of me.

Hope that everyone is safe from the storms that have been hitting us in North America. It is raining here again, and I can hear thunder rumbling....

I'll leave you with a pic of our Passion flower plant! Also, Jacque, the red/burgandy flower pic from yesterday is a Purple Ninebark, and this is the first time that it has flowered for me!