Gardens and Dogs for Thursday.

Not much new here, except the gardens are flowering like crazy and the dogs are lazy.
Some new garden pictures, and Buddy and Mable ignoring me and my camera. Without planning it, I have noticed that the spring portion of my gardens are mostly lavenders and pinks. As the summer moves on it will change to reds and oranges, which is great for the autumn. Of course, the rocks and little statues make up a large part of the look, as does the foliage. Even in the (yuck) winter, there is something to look at.

Mable is now just over 8 years old, and starting to turn grey around her eyes. She has perfected the 'dog' look of sadness hasn't she?

Buddy is 14 1/2 and is almost all grey, and very lazy...just like me!

I tried a new recipe that I found on someones blog for Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and I must admit that they taste as good as they look:)

Not that I am counting....but; we only have 16 more sleeps until we leave for our trip! Colleen my internet friend who has a blog at Penny Rugs and More, is sending me a bunch of pennies to work on while we are away. There was no way that I could have cut them by hand before we go, my fingers just can't do it. Colleen has such beautiful wool, and the best circles I have seen, so I am letting her do the cutting, and I'll do the stitching. She also has the best tutorial on making wool pennies:)

I couldn't resist slipping in that one picture that Jess sent me the other day. She is much happier in St. Andrews now that the weather has improved. I cannot wait to see her. Isn't she beautiful? The starfish and another bigger one, are being kept as pets in her room. She has named them, and feeds them. I think that she is missing Lewis her turtle a bit, and needed something to mother!

Finally, a special flower pic for JoJo, who is having a rough week. Just want to send a big (((cyber hug))) to her.