Friday's Fun!

Who can turn down a piece of warm pineapple upsidedown cake? MMMmmmm, tasty.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments and emails after my crappy day on Tuesday. I am so glad that you can see the humour in my troubles....cause that's exactly what I try to do! The rest of my week has been somewhat better. I went to the hairdressers for a 4 1/2 hour colour correction, and I left with something I did NOT want, but can live with while I try and grow out my grey hairs. What we will put ourselves through in the name of vanity. Just makes hubby shake his head. Had to go back yesterday for the actual haircut, and eyebrow waxing, cause we ran out of time on Tuesday. These pics are before the haircut, although I don't look much different after, just a little shorter.

Here we are, another Friday already! I don't know where the time goes, I truly don't. I didn't get to sleep until quite late last night, I watched and listened to the longest thunder/rain/lightening storm that we have had in quite some time. I went outside a few minutes ago, with thoughts of finally planting the rest of my veggies, and its already 30C, which is 90F! The humidity and mosquitoes are out in full force, with no wind. I got back inside as quickly as I could with only about 6 new mosquito bites to show for my adventure. Our weather forecast today is for a high of 28C or 82F and with the humidity, 100F! I think that has already been surpassed, and its only 0945. Supposed to be hot/hazy and humid all weekend. Thats a little to hot for me:) I swell up like a balloon in this weather, and as much as I would like to conserve energy, I have put on the air conditioner, and shut some of the curtains. Jeff wanted to cut the grass tonight, but I think that it will give him a stroke if he tries it in this weather. He also hates mosquitos, and he wouldn't last 5 minutes out there. Maybe I'll try and get the lawnmower started and see how much I can get done before he comes home. It's too wet to try right now though.

Still crocheting like mad to get the baby blanket done for Sunday. I am getting there. I also did a little story/altered art thingy for Sarah and Jamie, I hope that they like it. I am also planning on hooking again at some point this weekend! All of those great blogs out there with you ladies/and gentlemen that produce such amazing works of art in no time, and work as well; I don't know how you do it! If you right click on the actual picture, and click on open in a new window, I think that you can just about read the story that I wrote on it. I still have to add something to the crowns, and finish the back. The wool that surrounds the story part, is from the blanket that I am making for little Ryder, and I thought that it would be cool to put it in the collage. The baby blanket is behind the collage.

I am heading out to the grocery store and the gas station, to get those errands out of the way. I have boiled some eggs, and am boiling potatoes for potato salad. My father-in-law drooped off some asparagus yesterday, so I think that I will make asparagus creamed soup as well. We still need to eat after all:) Maybe I will make a salmon macaroni salad to go with it. That way, we can nibble off the leftovers all weekend. Must run....well who are we kidding? Must walk slowly is more like it.

Keep cool and safe wherever you are,