Yard sales, Rhubarb and Spring!

I picked some yummy german rhubarb from our garden this morning, just enough for a taste for you, and a nice rhubarb pie for my mother-in-law Jackie for her 76th birthday dinner which we are hosting on Tuesday.

Jeff and I went to the annual 'Gilmour Street' garage sales on Saturday. It was the first nice day that we have had in weeks. The crowds were out in force; but we managed to grab a few bargains.
I got 2 old rug hooking hooks, some magazines from 1951 to 1961, a George Forman grill for my mother-in-law, a bag sealer, a cool wooden box, a jewelled purse, nine fat quarters of cotton, a beautiful little 'hooked' ocean scene (that is labelled on the back--made in Cheticamp Nova Scotia) banana bread, and fishing encyclopedia. I think that we may have spent $20 all together. I had to come home and sleep for three hours, it was so tiring:)

I have a bunch of flowers, veggies and seeds to get into the garden as soon as I can muster up the energy to turn the bed, and pull the weeds. Now that the weather has warmed up some, its safe to put them in. Our little Japanese Cutleaf Maple tree is bursting with new leaves.
Our buckeye tree is also starting to bloom, so I couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures for you.

I am busy making a little baby blanket, for my niece Sarah who is expecting her first baby this summer. It's coming along slowly, cause I have ripped it apart four times....I think that I am loving it now though. I am not a fancy crocheter, but I truly believe that something handmade with lots of love with keep the wearer warm, happy and healthy. Silly I know, but that's what I tell myself. Sarah and Jamie are the first of our family to have a baby....his name is Ryder, and I can't wait to be a Great Aunt!! Her Mom Sylvia (one of the sweetest women on earth) is having a baby shower for her on June 8th, and I have several projects to finish for that date.

Sarah and her husband Jamie

Little babe Ryder Jennett, due July 26th

Sarah....Isn't she gorgeous?

We have finally booked all of our hotels for our trip out East. We will be travelling well over 5,000km in two weeks! Yikes, what was I thinking? I am so excited to be able to spend some 'real' hugging time with my Jess though it's only for a few of those days.

Must run, and get some dinner on. We are heading over to Jake and Kerri's tonight to watch the UFC, and I am behind things as usual. Oh well, I can usually do two hours of work in about an hour if I really book it, and no one but you needs to know that I spent the other hour blogging:)