Tuesday, May 20th.

Well, my daughter Jessica and her friend Jenna have gotten in 2 weeks of training, and now working at the Fairmont Algonquin in St. Andrews New Brunswick. She says that it is one of the most beautiful places that she has ever seen. I miss her like mad, although we text each other several times a day, and I talk to her on the phone for about 45 minutes every other day. She isn't online much, so I don't get to see as many pic's from her as I would like to, but she did manage to send some a few days ago. Except for the weather, which has been unseasonably cold and rainy (as it has been here), they are settling in well. Jeff and I (along with his Mom and Dad) have planned a 2 week driving trip to see Jess in July. We have been very busy mapping the route and booking hotels ect. Of course, I have planned little visits in almost every town that I 'know' that has a wool shop; how convenient:) We are also going to stop in Amherst so that I can see Deanne Fitzpatrick's store...I am so excited about that. She is an amazing Rug hooker/Fibre artist, and I can't wait to see her work in person. I shudder to think what the gas will cost us for this trip (never mind the wool and patterns), as it's already at 125.9 per litre today:( Jess, I hope that you get the winter coat today that I mailed last week; darn I just remembered that I didn't pack the mittens:(

I will 'journal' our trip from my blog and I hope to keep it up while we are gone, so that I will have a record of it. I am hoping that I can upload my pics that I take on a regular basis to my Webshots account, and write a little blurb saying where they are taken, as my MS doesn't allow me to remember stuff like that after. I would love to meet up with any of my 'online' hooker and penny rugger friends that live on the East coast, so feel free to send me a note:) Now I must remember to ask my son Jake if I can borrow his laptop for the trip:)
Here are a couple of pics of Jess and Jenna in St. Andrew's By The Sea, in New Brunswick.

You know that Spring is here, when Jeff and I go lilac hunting.

My hubby Jeff picking lilacs on Armour Hill, the highest point of our little town.

Me, trying to read a book with dogs all over my lap!

The front of our little house, where flowers and weeds are popping up everywhere. These gardens are all new, cause our land is mostly sand and the grass was terrible. I thought that it would 'look' better with flowers and plants instead. This will be our third year living in our 'forever' house, and the first full year for these gardens. Of course, I am always tweaking, dividing, and moving stuff, so they do change frequently. The pic's below are from the front garden.

Our buckeye tree in the backyard, getting ready to flower.

Our Crab apple tree in the backyard. There were hundreds of bee's busy gathering the pollen from this tree. When you stood underneath it, the buzzing sound was very creepy!