Fridays flowers and other thrilling things.

My buckeye tree going crazy with flowers

My honeysuckle's first flower

My columbine flowering

My sweet mother-in-law Jackie blowing out her birthday candles

My back porch where I spend most of my time in the summer. It is fully screened and keeps out the creepy crawlies! Jeff had to put a ramp up so that our older dog Buddy could get up and down with ease:)

This is the plaque that we received today from the Peterborough Petes OHL organization for having Branislav Rehus live with us for the hockey seasoon. It isn't a great picture cause of the glare, but it it very beautiful, and made me cry when I saw the picture. We miss our Brani!! We are hoping to have another player again this year, probably another Euro import, who I hope will become a part of our family like Brani did. If you click on the pic it will make it bigger, and easier to see.

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Going for a nap now, just because its a rainy Friday afternoon, and the dogs need a cuddle.

PS Sorry for the double post, my fingers were a little to quick today.