Sad News.

I had sad news on Thursday. My first mother-in-law Audrey Lawson, passed away. She had been ill, and it was not unexpected; yet it was, if you know what I mean.

I call her my first mother-in-law, but she was actually my ex-mother-in-law. Even after Gregg and I split up some almost twenty years ago, I still saw Audrey and Bill. They were the best in-laws one could have; and just because I wasn't married to their Son, I still loved them dearly, and I always called them first if one of the kids were sick and had to stay home from school. They loved to stay with Nana and Grandpa Lawson. Their sickness aside, the visit always included a trip to the store, ginger ale, and a walk to the park...for the fresh air:)

I didn't get to see either Bill (who passed away a few years ago) or Audrey much now that the kids are all grown, but I have such fond memories of them. I learned how to bake and make gravy from Audrey, plant a veggie garden and flower gardening from Bill, and I also learned that if you put red food colouring in pink will seep through to the bread! They truly taught me the meaning of family, and I will be forever grateful for having them in my life.

I have been so lucky, cause when I married Jeff, I received another set of wonderful in-laws...Bert and Jackie Kelly. I really do know how to pick them:) I look forward to our 2 week trip out East planned for this summer. A driving vacation to see the East coast and visit Jess in St. Andrews By The Sea. They are both 76 this year, and their health is deteriorating, so I am especially grateful for this opportunity to spend time with them.

My heartfelt condolences to you, Gregg, Carol, Grant and Terry; as well as the rest of the family.