I know that I was shouting...I am so excited that SPRING has finally arrived. The snow has rapidly melted, much to the dismay of my brother and his family. It melted to fast on their waterfront property, and most of it ended up in their newly finished basement:( How do you pick out new carpeting when the other carpeting has only been on the floor for a year? I don't envy them having to go through this whole process.

The birds are singing like crazy, and are busy at our feeders. This morning there was a black squirrel, two mourning doves, four dark eyed juncos, a house finch, several crows and a bunny...all sharing space surrounding the feeder! Of course, I didn't have my camera on me, maybe next time.

I spent the day outside, it got up to 27 Celsius; I am not sure how hot that is in Fahrenheit, but it was enough to give me a sunburn. Lots more to do, but it sure was great to be outdoors again:)