Thursday in March.

I couldn't resist posting a couple of older pics of Mable and Buddy, taken about 5 years ago!

A cloudy day today, with about 5cm of snow on the way. That's not very much snow, but come on, it's friggen March 13th; enough already. Actually, this little snowfall should put our little town over the top for the record amount of snowfall for the season...woohoo!

Being a cloudy day, I think that I should prolly get the duster and vacuum least it will look clean after.

Going out for dinner tonight with my DD Jess and her friend Cassandra to a little restaurant in town called Charlotte Anne's. They are taking me out for my birthday dinner (which isn't until tomorrow, but Jess is going away for the weekend). A day early, but the food is so good there, and the desserts are amazing. Tomorrow, Jeff is taking me out for Chinese food for dinner. I think that I will have to squeeze in a couple of extra trips to the gym this weekend. I must admit that turning 48 does not have quite the same thrill it did when I turned 21, but I'll take any positive attention I can get at my age!

I bought a chair for my birthday gift (well, Jeff did, but I picked it out), it's a lazy boy sort of reclining wing chair that is for my spot in the kitchen where I spend a great deal of time. Right by the window, which is next to the gas fireplace, yet close enough to my TV to watch it. I like to sit there and work on my wool projects. The chair I have there now is very old, and my feet don't really touch the ground, and it doesn't recline:( I will be able to put my feet up (like the doctor ordered) and sit in peace all evening. It is coming today or tomorrow, and I will post a pic when I get it. Now you know why I want to's just for the new chair...I want it to be happy in its new home:)

I have a couple of projects on the go that I have to finish this weekend, and with Brani's hockey being out of town and on the TV, I just might get to them:)
Now that I have wasted half the morning blogging, its time to get to work!