Monday, Beautiful Monday!

The sun is shining, and starting to melt the snow...HURRAY!!
I finally finished off a couple of projects this morning, so that I could mail off a parcel to a fellow Snippeteer on my rug hooking group today. It is for a bunny themed swap, and I deviated from the bunny theme somewhat, cause I just fill the box with 'things' that I would like to get; bunny or not:) I think that the postage cost more than the contents, but I really wanted her to get it before Easter.

Now I can get back to my rug hooking. We have a 'new life' challenge that has to be finished by the end of March, and I am a slowwwww hooker! Once again, I don't think that I stayed within the new life' theme, but I am really liking the design. I can't post my progress until after we submit our photos at the end of the month, but I will take some pics and post them after the due date.

I have to say, that the new reclining chair (yes it's a Lazy Boy) is working out well. I have my little corner in the kitchen by the gas fire and the window all set up. My Ott light is right beside the chair, so I can hook or do penny rugs at night. I have my eye on a black bench that has three openings for baskets ect. that will fit in nicely beside the chair..and its on sale for 50% off! The store isn't open until Tuesday though, so I will have to be patient for one more day. Of course, I will post pics of it when I get it.

One more exciting thing...I won a draw online:) A blog that I love to visit: had a draw, and I won some lovely Easter pics!!! Thanks Lynda, it made my day, cause I never win anything!!

OHL hockey playoffs start this week. Our Peterborough Petes squeaked into the playoffs, and I hope that they go for a few rounds, cause Brani will be going back to Slovakia at the end of this season, and I'm not ready for him to go home yet:(
I don't know what I'm going to do once May gets here; DD Jess is going to New Brunswick for 4 months, and Brani will be back with his family. Jeff and I will be rattling around here all by ourselves....yikes!!

Going to go and plant myself in the chair for a bit, and enjoy the sun.