A Word To The Wise On Housecleaning

A word to the wise on the whole house cleaning issue. DO NOT clean your house when the sun is shining!! I cannot emphasize this enough.

It all started innocently enough, I wanted to whip through the house with the Dyson in one hand and a Swiffer duster in the other. This was hours and hours ago. I started easily enough downstairs, doing the family room (which I never even go into unless I'm cleaning or watching UFC on the bigscreen) fairly quickly. Did Brani's room, again fairly quickly, since I refuse to actually pick up clothes (unless I decide to do the laundry) or move things around on his dresser or desk. Now, there wasn't alot of floor space today, cause he is a hockey player, who sweats buckets, and being a Euro, he (unlike our kids) thinks that he can just lay out the clothes to dry and will wear them again:) Normally, I let him, but today I thought that it was time to give everything a good wash. Got the first load in the washer, and then picked up all of the cans, bottles ect. for recycling. Headed into his bathroom....YIKES!! Needless to say, I ended up cleaning the bathroom, throwing all of the towels in the wash too. I now have about six loads of laundry on the go.

At this point, I headed back to the main floor and started vaccumming the kitchen. Our kitchen is large, it takes up half of the main floor, except for my room, the computer/craft room and a bathroom. While I was cleaning and dusting, the sun started to shine. How lovely I thought; we haven't seen the sun for ages. Then I looked across my kitchen, which is blessed with four windows and two doors with windows.....Damn sun showed every bit of dirt and dust. ...Vaccummed, dusted, cleaned floors. I even took the shower curtain off and threw it in the wash...then I had to clean the tub walls cause the sun was showing all the crud everytime I walked by. I made the mistake of opening the dishwasher while I was Windexing the front of it. The damn sun showed a massive amount of gunk (I don't know what else you would call it) on the inside door and all along the rim. Sheesh, I cannot catch a break today. Used about half a bottle of the multipurpose Windex by the time I got that looking respectable.

So here I am many hours later, just finishing my work thank God. My back is killing me, and as I put the mop away at last....THE DAMN SUN WENT IN. I kid you not.

Well, the house looks pretty good, of course, you cant look in my cupboards or closets cause I had to put all of the crap lying around somewhere. I think that I will probably kill the first person that uses my nice shiney toilet.

How is your day going?? Ha! Ha!