What I am working on these days

Thought that I would show a bit of a 'before' pic for you all. I am working on a heart challenge with the ladies over at Prim Sisters (a part of Simpler Times) and I have to finish it before my DIL's birthday, cause it's a gift for her 25th.

Spent part of the day with DIL Kerri, we were re-tiling her rather large bathroom floor. They are hoping to build a house in the next few months, and want to get this house ready for selling. Kare Bear is a gorgeous girl who always looks perfectly made up, with the hair makeup and nails just so; you know the kind I mean. She always looks so put together. One cannot look at her and think that she would be able to do any sort of DIY job. (Me, on the other hand; almost never looks girly...can one be girly when one is almost 50? Hoodie's and sweats were made just for me in mind. So were ball caps.) My health isn't the best these days, so I couldnt just go over and install the damn tile myself, I needed her assistance. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get two lousy tiles laid! Kerri and I were huddled on our knee's, or sprawled on our bellies for most of the afternoon! Her little dog Chip crawling in and out every five minutes, and DS Jake coming in to inspect our work every 10 minutes. She got the hang of it pretty fast though. Those long manicured nails of hers came in very handy, for picking out the bits of tile that we had to cut. I was very, very impressed. We got about half of it done before she had to go to the hairdresser, and I had to go to the gym.

Word to the wise: do not go to the gym, ride the bike for 7 miles and work out with your personal trainer for an hour after tiling a floor....I can hardly move today:( Thank God that Kerri had to work today (although poor thing, she is a nurse in Emerg, and will be on her feet for twelve hours today)so we can't finish the job until she is off next week.

Another 'major' winter storm coming today. I thought that our damn groundhog didn't see his shadow. If we get much more of this winter weather, I swear that I will hunt that grounhog down and make a stew out of him.

I am going to fill the tub, if I can roll my stiff butt out of this chair.