My hockey friend.

Isn't life strange, how we have different friends for different things? When the kids were little, we had friends where the kids played together, travelling with kid friends, school friends, work friends, family friends, hockey friends, even single and married friends.

Now that I am at the great age of almost 50, I think that I am learning to value friends more and more. I certainly have less time and energy to devote to a friend; lets face it...I suck at being a friend. I am lazy, I hate the phone, I hate going out especially in the winter; so unless you have Facebook or an email address my friends find my contact very limited.

It does not mean that I do not think of them; I do! I always think that I will phone them 'later' but things get in the way....or I get in the way of things; not quite sure which.

Anyhow, this little rant started, cause I wanted to say HI to my hockey friend Kathy! She is my special friend that I talk to on Facebook and see at OHL Petes hockey games.
So hi Kathy, see you tonight at the game.