DD turns 19 today

I can hardly believe that Jess is 19 today! Finally legal for her to drink in Ontario. She was very specific on what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner, and who she wanted to come. So I have a huge pot of meatballs and sauce cooking, and am going to head out for the salad and garlic buns.
She is having her Nana Beach, BF Curtis, DB Jake, SIL Kerri, and little weiner dog Chip. Brani can't be here for her birthday dinner as the Petes are playing in Sarnia today; besides he is mad that on his birthday (christmas eve) he will only be 18. He wants to be able to go to the bars and keggers with Jess! I told him that it wouldn't matter since the 'team' curfew is usually 10 or 11 pm anyway:(

Happy Birthday dear Jess, I hope that your year is filled with everything you could wish for,
Love you,